About Us

Nothing. It's pronounced Double-U Pee. It is definitely not well played, world police, wild platypus, world peace, or anything like that. It originated from the Whirlpool forums, however the name no longer stands for Whirlpool.

Matt "Carbuncle" Huynh founded the Team WP discord in May 2016, after a regular group of players on the whirlpool.net.au forums found the need for voice chat.

Within a few months we had grown to over 30 members We adopted the name Team WP in July 2016. In October 2016 we held our first Friday Night Battles.

In mid-2017 we hit 500 active monthly users on Discord.

Team WP is jointly owned by Matt "carbuncle" Huynh, Dave "HeartProfessor" Earl, and Kaveh "kavzee" Zoljalali.

The aim of Team WP is to help the Australiasian Fighting Game Community grow bigger and stronger.

In 2018, we hope to expand our Twitch channel, and eventually stream some content every night of the week.

We also want to help local communities, such as Couchwarriors and Ozhadou, to expand their offline offerings by providing logistical and promotional support, and encouraging our "online warriors" to attend offline events.

We plan to continue supporting our "Sponsored Players" to attend events in Australia and overseas, in order to raise the standard of Australasian players, and promote our scene internationally.

Finally, we hope to build robust partnerships with major sponsors, to help fund all our activities.

For tax purposes, the finances of Team WP are run as a hobby by Dave Earl. We keep records of all our income and expenses, and make sure that we spend more on Team WP than we receive.

About Our Discord

The Team WP discord is an online community for Australasian Fighting Game players to meet, chat, and find matchups for fighting games. We are predominately known for Street Fighter 5, but support players of all fighting games.

We also use our discord to arrange our weekly tournaments, provide mentoring for new players, and generally have fun.

Yes, you can. However, you won't have much luck finding matchups, as Australasia's 3rd world internet makes connections overseas completely unplayable.

You can however, talk to people from the Oceanic FGC, discuss content with other members, use our bots and make positive contributions to the community.

The different coloured names in the discord indicate the different roles that members hold.

BLUE names mean that someone is a Boss. i.e. own the discord.

PINK names belong to mid-bosses. These guys are moderators of the discord, and help administer the whole thing. Mid-bosses do things like arrange the tournaments, and enforce the discord rules.

RED names belong to people who are Team WP "members." These are people who have been active on the discord for a very long time, and are (hopefully) exemplars of appropriate discord behaviour. Many of the Team WP members choose to represent Team WP at tournaments or other events by adopting a WP tag in front of their names, or wearing Team WP branded attire.

YELLOW and ORANGE colours are usually given temporarily to the winners of various tournaments.

DARK PURPLE names are given to "mentors." These are people who have specifically volunteered to help the newer members of our community. Info about the mentor system is pinned to the #sfv_learners_lounge channel.

RANDOM colours are sometimes given to people for special events or occasions, such as birthdays.

The discord rules are available at https://teamwp.online/rules

tldr; we ask you to be civil, be SFW, and think about the feelings of other members.

About Our Tournaments

Tournaments are fun! By running tournaments, we provide a chance for players to experience the pressures of tournament play in a supportive environment. We hope that some of the skills and strategies they develop during these online tournaments can be transferred to the big ticket, offline events such as OHN, BAM, SXC, and Evo.

In addition, the tournaments give us a chance to stream very high quality Australian play. So stream monsters, of any skill level, can watch the best players in the country for educational and entertainment purposes.

All our tournaments are announced on our events calendar and on our discord.

For most tournaments, sign-ups begin 30 minutes before the tournament starts. Leave your CFN (and your braacket account name, if you have one) in the #tournaments channel of the discord, and a tournament organiser will add you to the participants list.

No. Tournaments are only open the players in Australia, New Zealand, and Oceanic countries, if the player has a usable and stable internet connection.

No, it's not. Fighting games require a stable internet connection to be fun. Your hardware should be connected to the your modem via ethernet. You should have, as a very minimum, ADSL2+, and should be aiming for no more than 10ms ping.

Our standard tournament rules are at http://teamwp.online/tournament-rules.

Some of the tournaments will have additional rules, or slightly different rules. If that's the case, we'll announce it on the tournament's event page, and in the #tournaments channel on our discord.

The most recent tournament results are available on braacket:

About Our Team

Team WP members are people who have been active on the discord for a very long time, and are (hopefully) exemplars of appropriate discord behaviour. Team WP members adopt an additional code of conduct, and try to be super-helpful to new people on the discord.

Team WP members also take on extra responsibilities, such as helping organise our online tournaments, commentating our streams, or generally helping out the bosses with extra stuff.

Many of the Team WP members choose to represent Team WP at tournaments or other events by adopting a WP tag in front of their names, or wearing Team WP branded attire.

Team WP supports a select group of our members to travel to interstate and international tournaments.

These players are sponsored because they embody the values of our community. They are active members both online and offline, and have achieved consistent tournament results, or exhibit the talent to do so. They are ambitious, but they also understand how important it is to help new community members, and have demonstrated the willingness and ability to share their knowledge and success.

We believe the entire Australian Fighting Game Community can get behind our Sponsored Players. By helping them get stronger, we hope to make us all stronger.

We are currently funding our Sponsored Players with the very small amount of revenue we get from Twitch subscriptions, t-shirt sales and other avenues.

However, most of the expenses are personally funded by our admins. Over time, we hope to supplement this income through select partnerships with major brands, and the continued growth of our online presence.

In the near-future we will be exploring whether crowd funding some of these players to major international events will be viable. In the meantime, if you would like to support Team WP by giving us an immediate cash-injection, you can donate here, contact us, or DM any of the Bosses on discord.

Maybe in the future. The Bosses invite people to become Team WP members after they have been active members for a long time, and consistently demonstrate appropriate online behaviour.

If you'd like to be a Team WP Member one day, then stick around, actively participate in our community, and be nice.

About Our Streams

All our streams are broadcast on https://www.twitch.tv/team_wp.

Since November 2017, our streams have also been archived on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCceUcCkpC0290rwX8FcwLLw

We usually stream our tournaments from 8:30PM AEST/AEDT on Fridays, Sundays and Mondays.

During 2018, we hope to expand our streams to many several nights a week, offering some different streaming formats. Same bat time, same bat channel.

We usually stream our Friday Night Fights, Fledgling Fights, Marvel Monday Tournaments, and special events.

About Our Website

Probably. Get in contact with us, and we'll put it in the calendar if it's something our community and moderator team would endorse.

The website has been a massive collaboration between the Bosses, Mid-Bosses, and people from our community.

For The Media

We're currently working on our media pages, but are very happy to help you guys out in the meantime. We can provide copy, collateral, and high-res images of everything. We're also happy to make ourselves, and our Sponsored Players available for interviews and photoshoots.

Contact us here.