Friday Night Fights

Every Friday Night we run an online Street Fighter V tournament for players located in Australia and New Zealand. Other Oceanic players are welcome as long as they able to maintain a solid and practical connection. The tournament kicks off at 8:30pm AEDT, and anyone from the region is welcome to sign up on our Discord channel from 8pm.

Friday Night Fights is usually streamed with commentary on Twitch. You can watch past replays on Youtube

Our 2018 Summer League will be commencing on the 19th of January, 2018. There will be eight double-elimination rounds, followed by an invitational top-eight grand final.

We keep a tally of league points and offer small incentives at the end of the season. You can view the current league standings on braacket.

Fledgling Fight Nights

In 2018, we will be running our "Fledgling Fight Night" tournaments most Wednesday nights. These are for players who are ranked ultra-gold and below, and are streamed with commentary on Twitch. Players that are ranked platinum or above on any of their accounts, or who have placed Top 8 in a previous Friday Night Battles, cannot enter.

Special Events

Once in a while, we run special tournaments to celebrate special occasions, or just for fun. These are usually organised in a different format, such as teams or round robins. If one of these is coming up, we'll post about it in the discord, on our events page, and in the news.