Spoopy Halloween Teams Tournament Coming Up!

Team WP is streaming a special 3-person team SFV tournament at 8:30pm AEDT on Halloween. This team tournament will comprise of 3-person teams with no restrictions on rank. Only teams with suitably SPOOPY names will be allowed entry.

Entrants can sign up on on the  #tournaments channel of discord as soon as they've formed a team. Players who want to take part, but can't find team-mates, will be randomly allocated team mates at the start of the tournament.

There will be some (small) SPECIAL PRIZES for the winners (steam game prizes, so have steam please).

The tournament will be run using our usual tournament rules, with the following additions.

  1. Teams must nominate the order that players will compete before the tournament starts, and play in that order during each match.
  2. During the Winners Final, the Losers Finals, and the Grand Finals, teams may feild players in whatever order they choose.
  3. Players play a single game of three rounds against a player from the opposing team. The loser is eliminated from their team, and another team player will play the winner.
  4. Winning players must continue to use the same character.
  5. When all three players are eliminated from a team, that team loses the match.