Spoopy Halloween Was Hype!!

Oh wow, how good was our Spoopy Tuesday Halloween Tournament?! 

We had a massive fifteen 3-player teams take part, making it the biggest online tournament we've organised so far. Once again, some of the top in names in the Australian SFV scene joined in. Notables included somniac and RoF, as well as our own bksama, RumoursOfGhosts, Bug and Chootz.

The best part was probably all the effort people put into choosing their spoopy team names: "Ryu afraid of D.Dark?", "Monster Button Mashers," "Pethanormal Lagtivity," and "Super Guile and Goblins." Groan. The full team list is up on braacket.

Despite a majorly stacked bracket, "The Frankenstein Line," comprising WP Syo, WP Nezs, and Caesura, fought their way undefeated through winners. "FearMehBug," comprising WP Bug, Mehplop and RoF, came in second, fighting their way through losers after a third-round defeat by The Frankenstein Line.

The VOD is up on Twitch if you missed it, or want to re-live the hype.