Our Sponsored Players "Officially" Announced

Team WP discord members have probably been wondering why we have been talking about "Sponsored Players," and what that means.

Today, we'd like to "officially" announce that bksama, Bug, Dale, Like Ross, RumoursOfGhosts, and Syo are being sponsored by Team WP to attend tournaments on behalf of the Team.

We hope the whole community can get behind and support these guys.

You will also continue to see heaps of our red "Team WP" members repping us at locals and majors around Australasia, the region and the world. These guys are priceless! They are promoting what they do and supporting our hard work out of the goodness of their hearts. We want to encourage anyone with a red name to continue to rep our community and bring the goodness that is Team WP to the attention of wider fighting game world.

Our aim at Team WP is to provide a welcoming and supportive FGC for everyone in Australia. While doing that, we've discovered that we're also creating a unique opportunity for all of us to level up.

We want to return any revenue we make to the community, and the best way we feel we can do it, on top of our discord and regular Twitch broadcasts, is by helping our members gain the offline tournament experience they need to rival the world's best.

Currently, these six players are primarily funded out of the pockets of our moderators. As we grow our community, we want to attract partnerships which will make more of these opportunities possible.

More information about what we are doing, and a profile of each sponsored player, is now available on our Sponsored Player page.