The legendary Spring Season on Fri Night Fights is coming to a close. The 10th and final tournament will be held on Friday the 1st of December. We will then take one week's break before the Grand Final Tournament on Friday the 15th of December.

The Grand Finals will be an invitational, eight person round-robin tournament. The eight highest players in the League will be invited to attend. In the event a player cannot attend, the spot will be made available to the next-highest ranked player in the League. If several players have the same number of League Points, the player with the highest League TrueSkill ranking will be given preference.

In the round-robin, each player will fight one another in a Ft3 format. The two-highest scoring players will then fight a winner-takes-all, Very Grand Final ft-5 game.

The night should be absolutely hype! We will be aiming for a top-quality stream with two of the best commentators from the Australian scene. Tune in on our Twitch from 8:30PM AEDT on Friday the 15th of December, or watch the replay on our Youtube.