Your Top Eight Happening Friday

Top 8.png

Get hype! After ten weeks of battling in Team WP's legendary Friday Night Fights, the cream of Australasia's Street Fighter V community has risen to the Top.

Presenting your Top 8: WP | Nezs, Zanshin | Ghostchips, vs. DS | Somniac, WP | Bug, Schenkhan, AwildWLLAMA, Sixone9, and m0nt.

This Friday, your Top 8 players will fight in an epic round-robin tournament, playing FT3 matches. The top-two scoring players from the round-robin stage will then battle-it-out in a FT5 grand final match.

Commentary will be provided Alex "Gigadeath" Hart and Tom "Babyrider" Scott, and choonz will be supplied by Sydney groovers The Consouls

Tune in to from 8:30pm AEST on Friday the 15th of December.  There will be special giveaways for twitch viewers, as well as a challenging SFV quiz to keep you entertained between fights.

Team WP is an Australasian fighting game community with over 550 members on its Discord. Since 2016, Team WP has hosted and streamed fighting game tournaments every week, showcasing some of Oceania's best fighting game talent.