Sleigh Your Way to Our Kris Kringle Team Tournament

For some time we've been promising a special, end-of-year, silly-season, xmas mystery tournament to cap off 2017. Well, it'coming tomorrow, Sunday the 17th of December.

The Kris Kringle Team Tournament!

Open to all Oceania players, the Kris Kringle Team Torney will featured randomly picked 3-player teams. Enjoy the lucky dip!

Sign up on the #tournaments discord from 8:00pm AEDT. Our whizz-bang bot will allocate you two team-mates and a randomly-generated xmas-y team name ("Sparkle Reindeer Chimney," anyone?). On-stream commentary and a selection of classic xmas choonz will start at 8:30pm, with matches beginning around 9:00pm.

'Cos we're e-sports now, the tournament will be a single-elimination bracket. All other standard team tournament rules will apply (winner stays on until the whole team is eliminated, etc).

Members of the winning team will each receive a limited-edition, Team WP-branded xmas bauble.*

*subject to availability