Happy Festive Season from Team WP

Just wow. The end of another year is approaching. The Team WP bosses wish everyone a happy festive season, and thank everyone who's helped make our community great. This year has been absolutely wonderful: 88 tournaments hosted, 570 active members on Discord in December alone, website created, majors attended, and lots of fun had all round.

Our sponsored players made waves, including being the equal-highest-ranked Australian player at BAM, the second-highest-ranked Australian at OHN, and 5th place (with two equal 9ths) at SXC2K17. We also won the NSW qualifier for the Throwdown Esports SFV Challenger Series, and, after an epic Grand Finals, WP | bksama won it all. gfinity has recently launched it's own SFV challenger series, and we've already won two of those.

But sponsoring players is only a small part of what we do. The heart of Team WP is our community, and it's been so great to watch it grow. We've supported players from around the region to find matches across a heap of fighting games, and, more importantly, meet like-minded players and build friendships with the power of the interwebs. We're proud that members of professional esports teams such as DarkSided and MasterMindsGC feel at home among us.

Just recently, we've started the first of what we hope will be a variety of weekly community streams: LP4U, where respected members showcase the best of what we offer.

So what's next for us and our community?  

In 2018, we'll be repping at Evo Japan, possibly Evo USA, gathering at all major Australian tournaments, and continuing to run our legendary Friday Night Fights. Our hats and shirts have been very popular, so we'll be looking into adding a store to our website so you can buy cool stuff whenever you fancy.

Next year, a number of esports companies will be launching SFV tournaments in one form or another. We welcome their interest in the FG community, and will continue to work with them behind the scenes to ensure that our community gets as much from them as they get from us.

Until 2018, have a wonderful holiday period, keep well, and see you on the discord.