bksama steps down from Team WP sponsorship

We're sad to announce that Kevin "WP | bksama" will be leaving our stable of Sponsored Players in 2018.

Under the Team WP badge, bk has gained some remarkable achievements. bk placed 17th at BAM in May, the highest-ranked Australian in the tournament, and equal with notable players such as Daigo Umehara and Humanbomb. At the Ozhadou Nationals, bk took 9th, the second-highest placed Aussie. During the year, bk also took 1st place 3 times, and top-8 3 times at Sydney's York Street Battles tournaments. Finally, BK won Throwdown Esports' SFV Challenger Series, getting himself $2.5K, a trip to France, and a sick arcade cabinet.

bk has decided to withdraw from Team WP sponsorship as he seeks new opportunites. "I really appreciate the support Team WP has given me, but I want to take my esports career to the next level. I need to be a free agent to acheive that dream," says bk.

bksama has been a member of Australia's fighting game community for many years, and his withdrawal from our sponsorship won't change this. He'll still be an active member of our discord, and will continue to open his home to Sydney players in his legendary "Cabramatta Dojo" sessions.

We're so proud to have had bksama on board during 2017, wish him the best of luck for the future, and will continue doing what we can to support his future goals.