Oztrayia Rocks at Evo Japan

The very first Evo Japan has come and gone and Australia has repped pretty damn well. We're realising our dream of getting stronger!

Team WP alumni bksama took out a cool 49th place out of 2217 entrants, equalling FG legends including Bonchan, FChamp, and gllty, and placing higher than Poongko, Ricki Ortiz, Smug, and Haitani, to name a few. What a legend! We're glad Team TP has been able to help him on his way to greatness.

Sponsored Player WP RumoursOfGhosts had a particularly unlucky bracket, losing to impressive newcomer Moke and long-time SF legend jyobin. Team WP members Brewer and Sythe also put in a good showing, almost making it out of their initial pools.

Other Australians included discord members MGC ROF and Travis Styles, who both put on a good show, particularly ROF, who rocked his sunnies and "Drive" jacket on the stream.

Finally. honorary Aussie Jonny "Humanbomb" Cheng made Top 8, giving us all something to cheer for. We remember you Jonny!

It was awesome to see so many of our discord members make the trip out to Japan for the event, and we hope to keep us all getting stronger as a community and a nation. Happy Oztrayia Day!!!