What's in Store for 2018

Welcome to 2018 everybody! With Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition just days away, and DBFZ and the SF 30th Anniversary collection around the corner, this year's certain to be a big one for the Team WP community. We've now got over 600 active members on our discord, and with these new offering on the way, we expect to continue growing.

Please be extra nice to all our new members, and show them why we are the friendliest and most active FG community out there.

So, what's coming up in 2018?

Bye Season 2

While we wait for Arcade Edition to drop, we'll be running a farewell SFV tournament on Friday the 12th of January. We'd like to do an extra-fun format for the final night, so drop as some ideas in the #tournaments channel before the night and we'll see what we can come up with.

Friday Night Battles

The Summer Season of Friday Night Battles will be kicking off on the 19th of January. This Season will consist of eight double-elimination SFV:AE tournaments, and a Top-Eight invitational at the end of the Season.

As usual, sign-ups will start in the #tournaments channel from 8:00PM AEDT, and matches will start shortly after 8:30PM. This season, we will be closing registrations at 8:25pm, so we can get the bracket finished on time, and start streaming from 8:30 on the dot.

As you've noticed, we've been refining our tournament streams, and we're confident that this year's broadcasts will be bigger, better, and even more fun.


L_L_L_ and Polydeukes will be continuing to stream their LP4U webisodes, which will start at 8:30PM AEDT every Monday night. Join L and Poly as they delve into the nitty-gritty of SFV, with special guests, giveaways, and battle lounges.

Fledgling League

Fledglings League: Third Strike SFV:AE tournaments will be operating most Wednesday Nights, beginning on the 31st of January. Sign-ups begin at 8:00PM AEDT on the night, and matches and the tournament stream start at 8:30.

We've got some great guest commentators lined up, so if you are new to tournaments, Fledgling Fights is a great way to get tournament experience, and hear some of the best players in the country provide feedback on your play.

Oztrayia Day Tournament

On Friday the 26th, normal programming will be placed on hold and we'll be running our Oztraya Day Team Tournament. The format will be three-player teams, with no restrictions on team member composition. Teams will have to pick a suitably Oztrayian team name before entry. Break out the beers, stick a shrimp on the barbie, and let's have some fun.


Later this year some of our Sponsored Players will be regularly streaming their matches, tutorials, and other events. Stay tuned for details.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

This looks like it's going to be a popular one. We'll be testing the waters with a launch tournament (on PC format) on Sunday the 28th of January, and if it proves popular, we'll probably run a test League in the weeks after that. Remember, if you want our community to support these kinds of events, you need to get involved!