Our Sponsored Players

Team WP is growing the Australian Fighting Game Community. We're making Australian players stronger, and we want the best of us to compete at the highest international levels.

We started last year with online tournaments and now in 2017, we're supporting a select group of our members to travel to interstate and international tournaments. These are our “Sponsored Players.”

The Team WP bosses picked these players because they embody the values of our community. They are active members both online and offline, and have achieved consistent tournament results, or exhibit the talent to do so.

They are ambitious, but they also understand how important it is to help new community members, and have demonstrated the willingness and ability to share their knowledge and success.

We believe the entire Australian Fighting Game Community can get behind these players. By helping them get stronger, we hope to make us all stronger.


Colin "Bug" Woollard


Colin “Bug” Woollard has been making waves with his highly entertaining Ibuki play and solid tournament results in SFV. A lifelong gamer, Bug began taking fighting games seriously after watching Diago Umehara wipe local players off the floor at Evo Apac 2010. Bug regularly makes top three at YSB Sydney, and placed well at both OHN and BAM. Together with WP Like Ross and former teammate Awildllama, Bug’s team “Streets Ahead” was the highest-placed Australian team in the 3v3 teams tournament at BAM.

Bug advises players to “always pick a character that has the potential to be competitive and fun”. He’s a regular contributor to the Team WP discord and takes pride in mentoring newer players. “It's really great what the guys behind Team WP are doing for the community,” he says.

Bug’s goals for 2018 are to “keep improving, gaining experience, meeting new friends and helping the Australian FGC to grow.”

Dale "NvRFails" Roy


Dale Roy has been gaming his whole life. “I can remember sinking countless hours into Mario 64 and Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo64,” he says. Dale brings with him experience as a professional gamer, having represented Australia and Sequential Gaming at the 2011 World Cyber Games in Seoul, and previously playing for team Gamecom in the title League of Legends. “The experience of being a professional or brand representative for an e-sport isn't new to me,” says Dale.

Despite his long experience with esports, Dale has only recently taken up fighting games, and SFV is the first title he has played competitively. Dale has already made a splash in the FGC community, regularly placing highly at his Brisbane locals, and taking 25th place at OHN, his first major tournament.

Dale has placed highly at several of Team WP’s Friday Night Battles tournaments, and is a great contributor to the community. “The Team WP discord is the largest and friendliest fighting game community out there for Australian and New Zealanders,” he says.

In 2018, Dale plans to travel to as many interstate majors as he can. “I strive for world-class in every aspect of my competitive integrity,” he says. “I want to become a stronger version of myself.”


Matt "Like Ross" Woollard


Matt “Like Ross” Woollard has been racking up increasingly solid results with his impressive Mika gameplay. Matt recalls playing Street Fighter II on his family’s SNES when he was a toddler, but only played the game casually until Street Fighter 4’s resurgence in 2009. “Since then, I've placed in a major, won my locals, done commentary, TO'd events and most importantly made a lot of friends,” says Matt.

Matt has achieved solid tournament results in 2017, including 17th place at OHN, and placing highest amongst Australian teams in the 3v3 tournament at BAM. Matt frequently makes top 3 at Sydney’s YSB, and recently claimed first place at Newcastle’s KO’s in the Castle.

Matt plays R. Mika because “Mika's tool set allows me to vary my game play from offensive to defensive and her attacking options are extremely varied and fun to implement.” “Her V-trigger is incredibly unique and allows me to show my creative side.”

Matt believes “the Team WP discord is a great community of fighting gamers with lots of people who run tournaments, help emerging players, and generally make it a great place for everything fighting game related.”

In 2018, Matt will be travelling as much has he can, building his tournament experience. “My aim is to win a major,” he explains.


Yuvin "RumoursOfGhosts" Manadeniya





Under the Team WP badge, in 2017 bk gained some remarkable achievements. bk placed 17th at BAM in May, the highest-ranked Australian in the tournament, and equal with notable players such as Daigo Umehara and Humanbomb. At the Ozhadou Nationals, bk took 9th, the second-highest placed Aussie. Finally, BK won Throwdown Esports' SFV Challenger Series, gw himself $2.5K, a trip to France, and a sick arcade cabinet.

bk has decided to withraw from Team WP sponsorship as he seeks new opportunities. "I really appreciate the support Team WP has given me, but I want to take my esports career to the next level," says bk.


Taylor "Syo" Waugh

Taylor “Syo” Waugh came to the attention of the broader FGC at BAM 2017, where he almost beat legendary Japanese player Fuudo in a very entertaining match on-stream. 
Syo is still new to the tournament scene, but has big plans for the future: “I plan to work harder, make it out to as many monthlies, majors, and premieres as i possibly can in 2018 and start proving myself at the highest level.” 

Syo’s engaging personality and unique looks are very appealing to younger players in the FGC, and we wish him best of luck as he pursues his gaming career. 


What Our Sponsored Players Get

Our sponsored players get tournament entry fees, airfares and accommodation to selected fighting game tournaments. They also get access to team branded clothing and extra support from the admin team. In return, they are expected to wear their team t-shirts at ranked events which they attend, and rep the “WP” tag when signing up for tournament listings. If we have funded their travel to a tournament, and they win a monetary prize, we ask that they repay the costs that we have outlaid getting them to that tournament alone. If they win non-monetary prizes, they keep it all for themselves.

We place no contractual obligations on our players. They may attend as many or as few tournaments as they wish. All we ask is that they continue to support the FG community, and make a genuine effort to level up and make us all proud.

Our Sponsored Players may leave the team at any time. Our primary aim is to support their growth as people and players. If they find that “real life” becomes more important than gaming, then we understand and support their decision. If they receive a lucrative offer from a major e-sports team, we wish them the best of luck, and hope that they remember their roots and continue to contribute to our discord and the broader FG community.


How We Fund Them

We are currently funding our Sponsored Players with the very small amount of revenue we get from Twitch subscriptions, t-shirt sales and other avenues. However, the majority of the expenses are personally funded by our admins. Over time, we hope to supplement this income through select partnerships with major brands, and the continued growth of our online presence.

We believe that our community can get behind our Sponsored Players. There is nothing better than getting hyped cheering for a local player you know and love at a major tournament event.

In the near-future we will be exploring whether or not crowd funding some of these players to major international events will be viable. In the meantime, if you would like to support Team WP by giving us an immediate cash-injection, you can donate below, contact us, or DM any of the Bosses on discord.