Our Sponsored Players

Team WP is growing the Australian Fighting Game Community. We're making Australian players stronger, and we want the best of us to compete at the highest international levels.

We started last year with online tournaments and now in 2017, we're supporting a select group of our members to travel to interstate and international tournaments. These are our “Sponsored Players.”

The Team WP bosses picked these players because they embody the values of our community. They are active members both online and offline, and have achieved consistent tournament results, or exhibit the talent to do so.

They are ambitious, but they also understand how important it is to help new community members, and have demonstrated the willingness and ability to share their knowledge and success.

We believe the entire Australian Fighting Game Community can get behind these players. By helping them get stronger, we hope to make us all stronger.


What Our Sponsored Players Get

Our sponsored players get tournament entry fees, airfares and accommodation to selected fighting game tournaments. They also get access to team branded clothing and extra support from the admin team. In return, they are expected to wear their team t-shirts at ranked events which they attend, and rep the “WP” tag when signing up for tournament listings. If we have funded their travel to a tournament, and they win a monetary prize, we ask that they repay the costs that we have outlaid getting them to that tournament alone. If they win non-monetary prizes, they keep it all for themselves.

We place no contractual obligations on our players. They may attend as many or as few tournaments as they wish. All we ask is that they continue to support the FG community, and make a genuine effort to level up and make us all proud.

Our Sponsored Players may leave the team at any time. Our primary aim is to support their growth as people and players. If they find that “real life” becomes more important than gaming, then we understand and support their decision. If they receive a lucrative offer from a major e-sports team, we wish them the best of luck, and hope that they remember their roots and continue to contribute to our discord and the broader FG community.


How We Fund Them

We are currently funding our Sponsored Players with the very small amount of revenue we get from Twitch subscriptions, t-shirt sales and other avenues. However, the majority of the expenses are personally funded by our admins. Over time, we hope to supplement this income through select partnerships with major brands, and the continued growth of our online presence.

We believe that our community can get behind our Sponsored Players. There is nothing better than getting hyped cheering for a local player you know and love at a major tournament event.

In the near-future we will be exploring whether or not crowd funding some of these players to major international events will be viable. In the meantime, if you would like to support Team WP by giving us an immediate cash-injection, you can donate below, contact us, or DM any of the Bosses on discord.