General Discord Rules

We shouldn't need to post a manual on how to be a human being, so do your best to be respectful to other members. Abraham Lincoln.

Please try to keep discussion relevant to the channel you are in. For example, don't flood the #general channel with talk about Super Turbo, use #fightcade.

Well intentioned banter between members is fine but straight up bullying or harassment will not be tolerated.

We have zero tolerance for:

  • NSFW content (such as porn or gore). If you're not sure if something is NSFW then don't post it unless a moderator approves beforehand.

  • Racism, sexism or other offensive chat.

  • Offensive or obscene usernames.

  • Violence or threats.

  • Large amounts of spam, or flooding the chat continuously.

We also don't allow:

  • Personal attacks.

  • Posting other people's personal details without their permission.

  • Making confidential conversations or chats public.

Please don't post anything that has a good chance of being misread or taken in a bad way.

If you see something you feel that has breached these rules please contact a moderator.

DeathCopCyborg Warnings

If moderators notice that a member is stepping out of line, we can instruct our DeathCopCyborg to log a "warning" into his database.

The warning allows the admin team to keep track of who's been naughty, and how often they've done it.

If you are issued a warning: stay chill, have a think about why the warning was issued, and modify your behaviour in the future.

Once a DeathCopCyborg warning has been issued, it cannot be retracted.

Naughty Corner

If you're clearly tilted, spamming, or otherwise look like you need a break, a moderator might put you in the "naughty corner," or temporarily take away your posting privileges. Usually this is for your own good. Take the time to chill out, have a rest or a cup of tea, and see how you're feeling in a little while.

Don’t try and evade this by leaving and rejoining the server because that will result in a ban.


We really don't want to ban people. Now that we are such a large community we understand the gravity this can have.

However, we won't hesitate to ban obvious troll accounts, or members who repeatedly step out of line over a period of time.

If you have been banned, we will welcome you back eventually, if you contact us. However, you'll need to be on your very best behaviour when you come back.


Channel Summary


#announcements - Server wide announcements and where online/offline events are posted.

#faqs - This is where frequently asked questions are answered, if you have a simple question it may be answered here.


#general - General discussion about anything and everything.

#music - The channel for sharing music with other users.

#trade_and_tech - The channel for buying and selling items and a place to discuss the latest hardware, technology and deals. Please don't post random spam in this channel.

Games and Matchmaking

#sfv -Matchmaking and general Street Fighter V discussion.

#sfv_learners_lounge - A channel for players who are newer to SFV to find matches, mentoring, or ask advice. Also an appropriate place to ask our FrameDataBot !frames ken qcb.kk

#marvel_vs_capcom - Matchmaking and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite discussion.

#fightcade - Discussion on the Fightcade platform involving older titles and fighting games.

#anime_fighting_games - Weebs go here please.

#tekken7 - The channel for matchmaking and general discussion about Tekken 7 and any other fighting game.

#tournaments - Online tournament information, results and inquiries are posted in this channel. When tournaments are being run, please use this channel only for reporting results. Please post GGs and other stuff in the #general chat.

Once in a while we might add or remove channels. If there's a major event coming up which is likely to generate a lot of chat, we usually open a special channel for it.


The Bosses

Moderators of the Team WP discord are carbuncle, HeartProfessor, kavzee, puckmungo, OniBaka, Nezs and L_L_L_.