The Bosses

Matt "Carbuncle" Huyn

Carbuncle (4).jpg

Matt "Carbuncle" Huyn "gave birth" to Team WP in 2016, after seeing a need for voice chat in SFV. Since then, he's overseen the organisation's growth to an international community with over 500 active members.

Matt has been playing Street Fighter since childhood, and has been an active member of the FG community for over a decade. Since moving to the middle of nowhere, Matt has been predominately active online, and spends most of his time fishing in the perilous waters of far-north Queensland when he's not orchestrating the finer details of Team WP. "When i'm not fishing, i daydream about fishing," he explains.

Matt is known for his steady hand and calm demeanour, and is affectionately known as "dad" to many WP members. "Carb is the perfect person to be the boss of the discord," says fellow-boss Nezs,."he's appropriately firm when somebody or something is causing problems, but laid back enough to keep everyone chill."

As founder, Matt appreciates the support of the other bosses, and tries to take a hands-off approach: "I can go to bed, or go on holiday, and know that there's a great team capable of looking after the community in my absence," he says.
Matt looks forward to watching the Australian FG community grow larger and stronger, and sees Australian gamers competing at international levels in the near future: "The Australian Fighting Game Community can reach world-class standards, and we're helping it get there," he says.


Kaveh "Kavzee" Zoljalali

Kavzee_Photo (3).jpg

Kaveh "Kavzee" Zoljalali is the scripting mastermind behind Team WP. See anything technical- bots, scripts, websites, calculating frame data robot machine things- and he's behind it. "If it were up to me the whole community would be run by AI," he explains.

Kaveh was a day-one member of the Discord, and has been quietly administering the community from behind the scenes ever since. A little know fact is that, despite owning at least one arcade stick, Kaveh is still a keyboard warrior. "I play WOW, CS, and anything Dragonball as well," he says, "so keyboard seems like the natural peripheral to use."

Kaveh takes a special interest in the newer members of the community, and makes a special effort to make newcomers feel welcome: "I really love seeing new players join and seeing them flourish and become strong opponents," he explains. One member put it this way: "Kavzee is the nicest robot in the whole community."


The Mid Bosses

Lachlan "L_L_L_" Sedunary


A freshman to the Fighting Game Community, L_L_L_ found Team WP through reddit in early 2017. Since then, he has thrown himself into the community. "To most of my real-world friends, playing in and commentating fighting games tournaments is a bit weird." "The discord has been a great source of like-minded people that I get to talk to and interact with daily."

L_L_L_ has a special interest in helping newer community members. "Australian players will 100% be able to compete internationally," he says, "but we need to get more people overseas, and increase our base level." "My long term goals for the team are to increase to tools and resources available for players wanting to learn. That way we can get better as a community."

Trevor "Puckmungo" Lee


As a day-one member of our Discord, puckmungo has been helping organise our community since the start. "The people are the number one thing in our community," he says. "I do what I can to help them."

Although Puck only started playing Street Fighter seriously during the 5 era, he's been re-discovering the game's roots in recent years. He particularly enjoys playing SF2:T with Carbuncle, with whom he has a notoriously volatile relationship. "I don't understand why he puts up with it, to be honest," says another boss.

Luke "Nezs" Wojtkiewicz


Despite SFV being his first fighting game, Nezs has been making a splash in Team WPs legendary Friday Night Fights tournaments, winning our first League and currently ranking first in our second. The manager of a prominent e-sports organisation explained it like this: "he's the best player in Australia, no question." In 2018, Nezs will be joining our Sponsored Players and taking the battle offline.

Universally loved, Nezs makes sure that he pushes the best players in the country to the next level, but always takes the time to support entry-level players when they need support. "Australia can take on the world in fighting games," he says, "it's nothing more than a glass ceiling that can be broken."

Tan "Onibaka" Hoang


Onibaka, says one WP member, "is the nicest person here, no contest." A member since day one, and a mid-boss not long after, Onibaka oversees our community at the most anti-social hours. "What's sleep?" he often wonders.

Onibaka plays a wide range of games, and finds it hard to list them all on his fingers: "I play most genres like JRPG, WRPG, Visual Novels and horror games," he says. With this background, it's not surprising that Onibaka works hard to support a wide range of fighting games on our Discord: "I want to see more fighting games supported by our community, and it's great to see that finally starting to happen."